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Want To Be Happy in 2023? Repeat This Four-Word Phrase

American Cops Killed 1,124 People in 2022

I Made 22 Predictions at the Start of the Year. 21 Came True.

What Are the Top Three Character Traits People Like Most?

"It's A Wonderful Life" Is a Dire Warning About the Evils of Landlording

Having Crushed the Rental Market, Airbnb Stoops to a Brutal New Low

Voltaire Was Right: The Comfort of the Rich Depends on an Abundant Supply of the Poor

An AI Algorithm is Raising Rents on Hundreds of Thousands of People Across the Country

A Huge Promoter of House Price Bubbles? Real Estate Agents.

Most People Don’t Choose Debt. Debt Chooses Them.

An Ancient Book Predicts Drastically Rising Food Prices

Limited Liability Is a Scam That Allows Corporations To Loot Your Planet and the Economy

Are Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos Mentally Ill?

Hyper-Elites Are Desperate For a Recession Because They Want to Buy Your Assets for Cheap

America's Third Highest-Ranking Official Was Almost Assassinated Last Week and No One Heard About It

The Middle Class Is Dead (It Just Doesn't Know It Yet)

Should Elon Musk Be Allowed to Own Twitter?

Everyone On Earth Works for the Banks-It's Time to Make the Banks Work for Us

UK Conservatives Just (S)elected an Ex-Goldman Sachs Billionaire Tax Evader to Be Their Next Prime Minister

Is A Global Recession Coming? Even the Hyper-Corrupt World Bank Is Worried

Say It Together: The Stock Market Is NOT the Economy

Americans Have Absolutely Zero Clue What True Freedom Means

Every Mortgage-Holder Could Be a Debt-Free Homeowner Tomorrow If We Nationalized the Banks

The Big Short's Michael Burry Just Sold All His Stocks and Bought 106 Private Prisons

Billionaire Monopolist Jeff Bezos Is Buying Up Single-Family Homes to Rent-Trap Humanity Forever

How to Counter the Argument “If America’s So Bad, Then Why Is Everyone Moving Here?”

Banking and Landlording Are Mathematically Unsustainable and Will Inevitably Destroy the Global Economy

Things That Seem “Radical” in America Are Normal in Sane Countries

We Need to Wealth-Tax Billionaires ASAP

Not Content To Destroy Affordable Housing, Investors Are Now Buying Trailer Parks and Jacking Rents

How To Deflate This Real Estate Bubble and Never Let It Inflate Again

People Who Don’t Buy in the Next Five Years Will Likely Never Own a Home

Billionaires Stole Your Three-Day Workweek

Is America Slowly Committing Suicide?

A World Without Interest Is Not Only Possible but Wildly Preferable

It’s Time To Declare a Global Debt Jubilee

Wall Street Invented an Investment That's Even Worse Than the One That Caused the 2008 Crash

In Just Three Months, Corporations Bought 80,000 Family Homes and Turned Them Into Rentals

America Is a Failed State (It Just Doesn't Know It Yet)

Airbnb Is the Crassus of Real Estate

Our World Is Full of Politicians Who Are Visionless Sociopaths

How To Build Utopia Without Taxation, Debt, or Corporate Corruption

Can't Afford Real Estate in Canada? Here's Where You Should Move Instead

Mark Twain Was Right: If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn't Let Us Do It

Landlords Are Parasites

Colorado Has a Brilliant Plan To Fix the Affordable Housing Crisis: Just Sleep in Your Car

Elon Musk Is Completely Wrong About Overpopulation

The Supreme Court Just Sentenced the Environment to Death

Capitalism Rewards Sociopaths

You Will Own Absolutely Nothing by 2050 - And Here's Exactly How It Will Happen

Can't Afford a House? The Canadian Military Just Told Its Service Members To Ask Habitat for Humanity

Inflation Is Soaring - Get Ready for the Rich To Blame the Poor

Interest Rates Are Rising Fast. Good.

How to Block All Ads, Reclaim Your Privacy, and Fight the Algorithms That Rule the Internet

Should We Ban All Advertising?

How Many More Children Have To Be Murdered for Shareholder Profit?

Capitalism Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)

Should Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon Go to Jail for Promoting a Ponzi Scheme?

An Open Letter to Airbnb Users

The British Royal Family Should Pay Reparations for Centuries of Slavery, Murder, and Genocide

The Riots In Sri Lanka Are a Sign of Things to Come

Serious Question: How Will Workers Make Billionaires Richer if Billionaires Automate All the Workers' Jobs?

Ocean Microplastics Have Now Been Discovered 9,000 Feet up a French Mountain

Disney Runs Its Own Government in Florida. The State is Trying to Stop Them, and It's Not Going Well

Which Corporation Will Start Its Own Country First?

Canada Is Not a Democracy

Want To Renounce Your American Citizenship? That'll Be $2,350.00 Please.

Leaked Internal Documents Prove Amazon Is a Threat to Free Speech

The “Economy Is Booming” but Women Are Experiencing a Shecession

Who Controls America?

The Ideal Economy — And Why It Terrifies Billionaire Elites

Now That I'm a Dad, I Can Finally Be Honest About Overpopulation

Billionaire Elites Want You to Eat Bugs - And You Will

Can I ask you a quick question?

Do You Know the Other Four Forms of Inflation?

Here's How The Great Reset Actually Works

Please Stop Calling Them Landlords - They're Land-Lorders

Billionaires Don't Create Jobs

Oil Prices Are Down but Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing With No End in Sight - Can We Please Imprison Oil Execs Now?

Airbnb Is "Helping" Ukrainian Refugees - While Creating an Even Bigger Refugee Crisis

Stop Calling Them Billionaires - They're Oligarchs

An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Bitcoin Is the Tesla of Money

It's Time to Ban Interest (Again)

Here's How to Survive a Nuclear War

I Just Wrote 100,000+ Words in the Past Four Weeks

Canada's Real Estate Market is a Giant Pyramid Scheme

Is Vladimir Putin Lying or Is He Being Lied To?

Love Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

How Long Will the War in Ukraine Last?

We Need To Fight More on the Internet

How Will The War in Ukraine End?

Here Are 35+ Ways You Can Help Ukraine Right Now

1 in 7 Homes Sold Last Year Was Purchased by Wall Street

Hate Inflation? Blame Corporations

Russia Just Invaded Ukraine - Here's The Actual Reason Why

Canada Is Massively Overrated, Impossibly Unsustainable, and Wildly Corrupt

36 Life Lessons From 36 Years

We're Living in a Boiling Frog Economy

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Stop Taxing the Rich

America Is Experiencing a Brutal Mental Breakdown

Google Is a Terrorist Organization

America Will Invade Canada Before the Year 2100

Looking to Start a Business? Get Into 3-D House Printing ASAP

It's Time To Make Anti-Vaxxers Pay for Crashing Our Health Services

China and America Are Already at War (One Side Just Doesn't Know It Yet)

An Open Letter to Anti-Vax and Hyper-Pro-Vax Christians

The Heineken Family Fortune Was Founded on Slavery

This So-Called "Trucker Freedom Convoy" Is Pure Nonsense

There's a Mysterious New Sickness in Canada and the Government is Keeping It a Secret

Apple Just Became a $3 Trillion Corporation. It's Not Worth 1/10th That Much

Mark Zuckerberg Is a War Criminal

Elon Musk Is Our Generation's Marie Antoinette

Toyota Is Now Charging Car Owners $8/Month… to Start Their Own Vehicles

Why Did Coke, Nike, and Apple Oppose the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act?

Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate Are All Wildly Overpriced - So What Should We Invest in Right Now?

Ten Events That Could Trigger a Stock Market Crash in 2022

A Stock Market Crash Is Coming and Everyone Knows It

Surviving Tomorrow's 22 Predictions for 2022